Why Not to Judge at First Sight?

We are all aware about the concept of Love at First Sight. And most of us would have actually experienced it as well. For me, it was love at first sight with my now wife, when I first met her  outside the office building. I knew she was the one.

However, love at first sight is rare, it may happen once in a lifetime or it may not happen at all. But there is another variation which we all experience, day in and day out. And that is something very important to understand and appreciate, as it is an essential building block for relationships of any kind – be it personal or profession. I’m referring here to the concept of ‘To Judge at first Sight’. And we all do it all the time.

Being Judgmental

Being judgmental is human, this post does not mean to preach about not being judgmental because it’s simply not possible, not to do judge people. However through my experiences, I have realized that it’s definitely wrong, to judge people at first sight. I have most often, proven wrong on this.

How to get out of your comfort zone?

As a teenager, one of my biggest fears was lack of confidence. I was an introvert, and the thought of interacting or being present among a group of strangers really scared the hell out of me.I had several friends who were extrovert, and could start a conversation with anyone, within no time. I longed to be like them.  At that time, this was the No.1 priority for me – to get rid of this fear. 

Stevan Noronha _ Get out of your comfort Zone

However, I did realize that certain behaviors can be learnt, but most are natural, it’s part of your DNA. I don’t think even today, I could be as spontaneous, as I would like to be, and have simply accepted that. However there are lot of other things which can be overcome.

Start-up Diaries: Top 5 Things to keep in mind to ensure start-up success

Any entrepreneur will tell you, the first few years of setting up a business is the most difficult, and how well you manage this initial phase, can decide your eventual success.

Top 5 Things to keep in mind to ensure start up success : Stevan Noronha

Taking your business to the first million dollar turnover, or first 100 clients or 50 employees, or simply achieving break even; whatever be your milestone, becomes the most critical phase of any business.

As we complete 3 years in our entrepreneurial journey, (we started off  with a measly $10,000 investment and a whole lot of passion + determination), to scaling up the business to a modest USD 2 mn dollars in revenue, we now embark on phase 2 of our journey.

We thought it would be nice to take a pause and reflect back on the journey and share the top 5 learning’s which helped us reach where we are, and also mistakes along the way.  This blog is in the form of a letter, written to those entrepreneurs, who are about to set up their new business.


Stevan Noronha - Freedom Blog

I see people all around, employed in well-paid jobs, but not really happy with how their professional life is heading. They are looking for a change.

Most common reasons – problem with their bosses, office culture being a misfit, money problem, need promotion, wanting to start own venture, stagnation.

The logical solution would be to quit and move on or do something else. However most don’t change. They CHOOSE to continue and accept the misery of what their current job has to offer. They learn to adjust themselves and over a period of time accept their fate.  


There is a famous saying about New York City, which so well connects with our first trip experience here.

‘One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five year. ‘

Stevan Noronha NYC
From the moment we landed in NYC, the iconic city literally took over us. This place energizes, and inspires you to come out, and experience it to the fullest – day and night. There is so much on offer. Even mundane things like the subway, become a piece of art or an awesome performance center. The two weeks we spent here, was not enough.

We did a lot of research for this trip, and post our experience, we thought of writing a blog on our 20 best experiences in New York City. Yes 20. We started with a list of 10, and realized you can’t do justice to New York with only ten and hence made this into a Top 20 list.

Hope you enjoy reading it, and may this be a good starting point to explore this wonderful city. At the end of the description for each attractions, wherever possible, we have included a Visitor Tip, which may be useful in planning your trip.

This is my longest post yet and took me around 4 months to complete. So hope you like what is provided here!

No. 1 Thing to do in New York :