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This was around 10 years ago. I was @business School and had already made up my mind to become an entrepreneur, came across this...
Originally from Tom Peters book, ‘In Search of Excellence’, I first heard this phrase ‘Stick to knitting’ as a reply given by our Vice...
This is a trap we all fall in most of the time. Doing a job well in the beginning and losing focus towards the...
Every weekend I look forward to catch up on the various audition rounds of singing reality shows including X Factor, American Idol, Britain Got...

Stevan Noronha

Founder and Chief of Strategy - FOXBOX Retail

I’m an entrepreneur who’s super passionate about life and all it has to offer. Through this blog, I intend to share experiences along my entrepreneurial journey, travel, finance and life in general.This blog is a collection of experiences and learnings that I want to share .

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