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Do what makes your uncomfortable.




It’s easier said than done. But this is a fact.

The choices we make in life define who we are. And if we choose the safe path, we end up missing a lot. Though we may be content with safe choices, but we miss the adventure.

Maybe not all are in for the adventure? But the point is, are you the one who prefers to be on the edge or be safe around the center?

Because from the edges, you can see whats beyond. The center shows you nothing more than usual.

When you force yourself to do what is uncomfortable, something which you never did before, it makes you challenge yourself. It reignites your passion. Because deep within, you do not want to fail. And you give it everything.

And yes you may actually fail. But then you try again. Because the law of averages will catch up and you too will see the results.

And remember not winning is not really losing but an addition to your adventure. And life is all about that.

So next time you have a a choice between something safe and slightly uncomfortable, be ready for the adventure. Atleast you will never regret it for trying!


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Stevan Noronha

Founder and Chief of Strategy - FOXBOX Retail

I’m an entrepreneur who’s super passionate about life and all it has to offer. Through this blog, I intend to share experiences along my entrepreneurial journey, travel, finance and life in general.This blog is a collection of experiences and learnings that I want to share .

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