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What is your True Calling in Life?




The right questions can change your life.

It has for me on multiple occasions

I am here to share one such question. A question which most of us would resonate with.

What is my true purpose in life?

To know that you need to ask yourself the following question.

What would you do if you knew you would fail?


What would be worth doing even though it’s not gonna work.

Most of our lives we are doing things because we feel that will bring us money, fame, success, peer group acceptance, security. However these things we do help us reach somewhere in our lives but doesn’t really give us true satisfactions. In the long run, we keep seeking more money, more fame and more success, it doesn’t end anywhere.  We always feel that we are not doing what we love.  We are not passionate about it. And we long to discover that.

The answer to the above question will help us discover our true calling. When we do something we are most passionate about, we don’t need a trade off in form of money, success, fame because merely doing that thing gives us immense inner satisfaction. Hence even if we know that we would fail, doing those things will be an end in itself.

99% of people who participate in the marathon don’t win, but most participate anyways because it’s not about winning. It’s because they are doing what they love. And in the process they become better in many different areas of their lives.

You start a business about helping people live a better life, It may or may not work but you will be proud of it anyways. And you will love it since you are most passionate about it.  

We need to keep asking ourselves what is it that is worth doing even if it won’t work. And if you have some items of that list you better start working on that.

And the best part is sometimes it will work out and you achieve success, fame, acceptance but not because you longed for it but because you did what very few people would do. Took the path less traveled.


  1. Outstanding Stevan.

    The questions truly will bring light to what we are seeking as being passionate for.

    Thank you Stevan for sharing this very important and valuable message.

    Varun Nair


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